CEO & President

Giorgio Garcia-Agreda

Giorgio is CEO and main partner of Crionet. He's Microsoft MVP (Most Valuable Professional) for Dynamics CRM and one of the biggest expert of Customer Relationship Management acting also as consultant for big companies worldwide.

CSO & Vice-President

Gaetano Guarino

Gaetano is Chief Sales Officer in Crionet, managing relationships with customers and developing new business on the field. An accomplished manager and a self-motivated individual with excellent organisational capabilities.


Dino Esposito

Dino Esposito is CTO in Crionet, managing projects and development of software and web/mobile applications. Dino acts also as trainer/consultant and is the author of several other books on web and mobile development. His most recent book is Architecting Applications for the Enterprise, Second Edition, Dino speaks regularly at industry conferences and community events.